Air Compressor Oil

Air Compressor Oil

Air compressor oil is also known as compressor lubricant and its choice depends upon the construction and the type of compressor used, as well as the gas to be compressed. It is one of the important things to be selected for keeping your compressor running properly. Before purchasing any air compressor oil one should be familiar with the kind of compressor you have. The working of compressor is as follows; first it collects air from the atmosphere, which is then stored in tanks where the molecules are broken down, and then this is used to give power to the tools.

Air Compressor OilThere are various applications of air compressors, such as for industrial use, use in hotels, use in hospitals, etc. You can select the oil accordingly, based on the application of the air compressor. Technically, there are piston compressors that provide the highest gas pressure and are most difficult to lubricate. Therefore for these types of compressors, the oil should be chosen carefully. Another type is the rotary compressor, where pressure is much lower, so these can be lubricated much more easily. The level of power of the air compressor is measured in cubic feet per minute (feet / min) and is the amount of air output in the tank, so the air compressor oil should chosen accordingly.

Air compressor oil, when used within the recommended temperature and viscosity, will give the following benefits:

  • Good quality lubrication of the cylinder as well as the piston.
  • High quality lubrication of bearings and gears in the rotary compressor.
  • Reduces the build-up of carbon on valves and coolers and increases the compressor efficiency.
  • Protects the machine from corrosion, rust and wear in compressor systems.
  • There is an excellent air separation when used in the rotary compressor.

The life of any air compressor depends greatly upon the effectiveness of the lubrication done, and thus air compressor oil should be properly selected. Any moving part requires proper lubrication to reduce friction among them. Therefore, high quality industrial oil must be used as in the long run, it will ultimately cost more to use cheap quality oil.

Nowadays markets are flooded with different types of synthetic air compressor oil. Major brands which manufacture most synthetic lubricant include Atlas Copco, Curtis, Gardner Denver, Ingersol Rand (IR), Kaeser, Joy, LeRoi, Sullai and Quincy. Synthetic Compressor Oils of PC Series provide a long compressor life with reduced component wear, water resistance, corrosion protection as well as resistance of lubricant breakdown. In addition, these oils will reduce maintenance costs in the long run.

Mobil Rarus is a premium ash-less air compressor oil that allows for perfect operation in severe environmental conditions. It provides protection against corrosion and wear. It is an excellent choice for gears and bearing systems. This air compressor oil has the ability to resist oxidation, as well as resisting deposit formation.

Mobil Rarus 800 Series compressor oil was specifically designed for lubricating heavy-duty air compressors. This series was designed especially for the systems to be protected in cases where mineral oil-based products are not found in sufficient quantity.

Another, Mobil SHC 1020 Series is the product designed for heavy-duty compressors for rotary screw and turbochargers. It is designed with wax-free hydrocarbons, and provides reliability in equipment protection.

The ultimate takeaway is that selecting an appropriate air compressor oil is a very important decision. This selection should not be taken lightly, as the correct air compressor oil for your Husky Air Compressor will help reduce maintenance costs and keep your Husky Air Compressor running smoothly for a long time.